About Us

About Us

We work in partnerships with our Clients to proactively create tailored Facility Management Solutions, which can cover on-site and off-site management, maintenance, cleaning, essential services, security, renovations and fit-out services as well as a range of related services.

EFMS has a proven capability to provide high quality, fully integrated solutions. We offer access to a specialist team with an in-depth understanding and deep exposure of the challenges involved in maintaining infrastructure of various types and age over multiple locations.

Our on-site facility managers’ work alongside our client’s management teams, in the sense that our client’s goals become our goals. We provide a systematic approach to operate, maintain, improve and adapt the buildings and infrastructure (assets) aiming at creating an environment that strongly supports the primary objectives of the investment.

EFMS proudly provides services to several market industries and currently has A total contracts in different sectors.

We provide hard services: engineering, civil and architectural repair & maintenance services, as well as soft services inclusive of housekeeping, deep clean hygiene services, with specialties in façade cleaning, landscaping, pest control, waste management services in addition Industrial Health & Safety for large commercial properties

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