We work in partnerships with our Clients to proactively create tailored Facility Management Solutions, which can cover on-site and off-site management, maintenance, cleaning, essential services, security, renovations and fit-out services as well as a range of related services.

EFMS has a proven capability to provide high quality, fully integrated solutions. We offer access to a specialist team with an in-depth understanding and deep exposure of the challenges involved in maintaining infrastructure of various types and age over multiple locations


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To deliver Excellence in Total Facilities Management Services and Reliable Solutions focusing on sustainable practice & best value for money and Reduce Waste while being led by innovative technology..
We strive to bring long-term value to our clients by using the best products, equipment, procedures and training, which are all geared toward the requirements of our client’s and achieve the customer satisfaction.


We aspire to be a Regional leader in the field of facility management with a focus on the MENA region, striving for quality and excellence throughout our activities and in the delivery of our services.

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Engineering Facility Management Services

Does the Outsource Facilities Management Provider Improve the Service Quality of the Organisation ?

Facilities management companies will expect and ensure the best outcomes and delivery of service from their teams. The facilities management company will invest in ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure an improved quality of service delivery.

Why is Facilities Management Important?

Because it brings all of your facilities services under one management head. When you have one person running all of your day-to-day activities and managing the vendors who complete them, you have one main pair of eyes on your expenses and budget. Overlap and redundancy of services can be eliminated, and your bottom line will reflect this new efficiency

What is the Influence of Facilities Management on the efficiency of the Buildings systems and services?

The importance of facilities management services extends beyond just ensuring the day-to-day; the best facility management professionals will incorporate maintenance and upkeep as well which means that your facility management services will include preventative maintenance of your systems. This will keep your equipment operating at top efficiency and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

What is the Impact of the Outsource Facilities Management Provider on Enhancing the Organisation Flexibility ?

A facilities management company ensures that it remains well informed regarding any changes in an organisation. It ensures that as an organisation changes its specifications, function or requirements, the facilities management provision will continue to meet the needs of the business, having the flexibility and ability to utilise only the services relevant.

What is the main reason for the Organisations to Outsource Facilities Management Company or Provider?

The major reason why organisations opt for a facilities management company is to ensure maximum control. By having one point of contact to manage a whole range of services and the knowledge that requirements will be undertaken as part of a facilities management contract.


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